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Karuna Action
Our Vision
& Dreams.

Building on the foundations that have been put in place over many years and moving into a new exciting future!

Our Vision and Dreams

Our desire is to see justice worked out in the lives of the poor. Motivated by our vision, we can serve alongside the poor and oppressed as a demonstration of love, motivated by our love for Jesus.

Simon Hannigton


My vision is to reveal Gods heart to the body of Christ. To see the church taking responsibility for the underprivileged and the marginalised - meeting the needs of the poor at a grass roots level. [Read More]

Jess Hannigton

Projects and Partnerships Coordinator

My dream is to see people living in dignity, being able to make choices for themselves and having access to resources that are necessary for life. I want Karuna Action to be a resource to people, supporting initiatives that help people. [Read More]

George Dowdell

Trustee and Founder

Call me idealistic; call my dreams impossible and unrealistic if you must. But you cannot stop me working and striving, with all the strength and ability that God has given me, towards that goal. [Read More]