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a child and
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You cannot put a price on education.
Invest in a child or student now to make a lasting difference in a life.

Sponsor a Child

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  • Sponsor a Child - Make a real difference today!

    We believe that education is one way in which the destructive cycle of poverty can be broken. As a sponsor, you can give the next generation the break they deserve. We work closely with the project coordinators overseas to make sure that each student has what they need to receive good quality education. Sponsorship can provide books, uniforms, shoes, stationary, food, medicine, travel costs and school fees if they are required. The needs and circumstances change for each project and country but through our relationships with our partners overseas, we can help to give each student what they need.  The children and young people we sponsor come from extremely poor families, many have lost parents to disease or civil war or HIV and Aids. Without sponsorship, the opportunity to go to school would not exist for these children.

    We work very closely with all our sponsorship partners to ensure each student is progressing in their education. We have put everything in place for the students to contact their sponsors and we usually get letters, school reports or drawings to send on to sponsors twice a year and a photo every 18 months.

    We encourage sponsors to write back to the students as it is always a great joy when they receive your letters. Sponsors can begin to form a relationship with the students they sponsor and as a result we can arrange for sponsors to visit students at their schools, churches or homes as part of a Karuna Action trip.

    Where can I sponsor?
    We work alongside our partners in India, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Mongolia, Albania, Zimbabwe, Russia, Peru and The Congo to sponsor students to go to school. When you decide to become a sponsor we will contact you and send you the details of a student that needs support to help them get to school. Our relationship with our partners and in turn their relationship with the students means that we sponsor those who need it the most.

    If you have an interest in sponsoring a student from a specific project, please contact us using the details on our contacts page.

    Why Sponsor a child?
    WHY NOT.... Like many others, we work alongside local churches to bring release through education to children who ordinarily would not have the chance to go to school.

    How Much Does it Cost?
    JUST £25 A MONTH.... or 80p a day, will sponsor a student through their education. University students can cost a lot more but we encourage group sponsorship for this as it can be too much for one person or family. On average, a university student needs £100 each month.

    What is included?
    With each months sponsorship we guarantee your sponsored student is Educated, given a fresh hot meal at least once a day and given medical care when they are sick. Our partners
    monitor their progress regularly.

    When Can I Start?
    TODAY.... There are students all over the world waiting for a sponsor, they could be waiting for you!

    You cannot put a price on education. Invest in a child to make a lasting difference today.

    Thank you for choosing sponsorship. When you have donated your £25 on this website, it will be your first months sponsorship.

    Once we have received your donation we will contact you through the details you provide and send you a sponsorship pack. This will include details of a student that you are helping to educate and also information about the project they are a part of. There will also be a form in the pack to enable you to set up a standing order for £25 a month.

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