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A voice of justice for the oppressed, ending poverty through compassion in sustainable communities.

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Working alongside communities to help them build a sustainable future for themselves.

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Karuna Projects

When you give to Karuna Action you help us to respond to our partner’s needs and priorities. We are able to achieve high impact results as we are able to be flexible in helping support their initiatives. This kind of expansive giving also allows us to meet the shortfalls of projects that are underfunded. By giving to Karuna Action donors actually support multiple projects as we seek to have an affect where it is most needed. These are a few ways in which your support will be used when you give to Karuna Action

  • Education


    We are involved with many churches and children’s homes in places such as Sri Lanka, India and Albania, that not only provide a family environment but the skills young people need to break the destructive cycle of poverty. Your giving will also support children going to school. We believe that giving children the opportunity of an education can change their future for the good.

  • Food Banks

    Food Banks

    Karuna Action support the work of a local foodbank which was started in 2009 by Mick and Sue Shea and serves the communities in and around Aldershot and Farnborough with food parcels 5 days a week.

    Foodbanks around the country have experienced an increase in demand for food parcels and in recent years their resources have been in high demand. The foodbank offers much needed help to its community, as well as two distribution centres, the foodbank runs many courses to help people with budgeting, nutritional advice and cookery classes.

    Being part of this community, we felt that we wanted to get alongside the foodbank as it reaches out to those in need in our locality. This, coupled with the increased need for provision means that we are in a position where we cannot ignore the needs on our very own doorstep.

  • Health Care

    Health Care

    We support mobile and rural clinics in small communities in Sri Lanka and Zambia. These clinics provide much needed medical support for local people for little or no cost. We also support the work of the Luke Society in Peru who perform over 100 cleft lip and palate operations for local children every year.

  • Income Generation

    Income Generation

    Each year we send funds to our partners to provide chicks, goats, cows, bicycles and sewing machines to people in their communities. Giving in this way allows people the chance to earn their own income. We believe this is a ‘hand up’ not and hand out.

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