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Take a look at the current karuna projects you can donate to in Russia.

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  • Living Waters Healing Centre

    A place of safety and healing...

    “Zhivaya Voda” (Living Waters) seeks to provide a place of refuge for traumatised refugees from the Caucusus to receive healing in body, soul and spirit.

    Living Waters was founded in 2002 as a Trauma Counselling Centre for adults and children who had suffered in the conflict in and around Chechnya. The work was founded by Paula O’Keefe, a missionary from England qualified as a Psychologist and Teacher, who has been working with Karuna Action in the area since 1992. She has trained a team of local people to run the Living Waters centre.

    Since the ministry started, at least 2,000 Chechens and Ossetians have participated in their programmes, as well as hundreds of Russians. With the growth of the ministry and the improving situation in Chechnya, Living Waters Healing Centre has opened the doors to the wider public, not only from the greater Chechen area, but from different Republics of the former Soviet Union and as far a field as Western Europe, North America and Africa.

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