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Congo (DRC)

Take a look at the current projects you can donate to in Congo.

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  • Kilibula Primary School

    The sponsorship scheme at Kilibula Baptist primary school began in October 2007 in partnership with Andy and Isobel Eyre , their Baptist church in Leeds and a small church led by Pastor Bujana in the Congo.

    Andy and Isobel travel to Kilibula, a remote town in the city of Uvira, DRC, often to maintain relationship with the church and church school.

    The regular support from the sponsorship programme pays for each individual child’s continuing education and covers the monthly school fees. This benefits the whole family as it releases money for other things and ultimately benefits the whole community as the money circulates. The school catchment area is very poor with very few people in work, most live at a basic subsistence level. Sickness and malnutrition are everyday hazards that the population of this rural town has to deal with.

    Andy and Isobel have a good relationship with the school, the children and parents. We receive regular newsletters from them and they keep us informed on the welfare of the children.

    If you are interested in supporting a student, please click on the link below to find out more.

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