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Support our projects by buying our own roasted craft coffee.

Karuna Coffee

Our journey with coffee began a few years ago when we had a vision of meeting with people in a relational way over a cup of coffee. Karuna Coffee is a vehicle for spreading our message of compassion so that we can reach more people in a new way. We take all steps necessary to ensure that the green coffee beans are sourced ethically and that the farmer receives a fair price for the crop. Each bag we send out is individually roasted by us, for you! This allows us to ensure the quality of every bag of coffee and to maintain the freshness we would expect from a craft coffee.

Coffee is something that we are passionate about and we recognize that it has the potential to break the cycle of poverty in the lives of those we work with. 100% of the profits from every bag sold goes back into the projects that Karuna Action supports.

  • Brazilian Coffee

    Brazilian Coffee

    Brazil is regarded as the largest producer of coffee in the world, and is responsible for a third of total global production. The majority of coffee farms are located in the southern region of the country where both the climate and environment lend itself to producing high quality Arabica coffee.

  • Colombian Coffee

    Colombian Coffee

    Colombia is the second largest producer of coffee in the world and the largest producer of washed and Arabica coffee. The mountains of Colombia create an abundance of microclimates that bring out potentially unique qualities in the coffee.

    Located within the north western region of the Andes Mountains, Antioquia is one of the larger coffee growing areas in Colombia. Coffee’s from this region have a medium body and are typically not as fruity/winey as coffees from other Colombian regions.

  • Guatemalan Huehue-tenango

    Guatemalan Huehue-tenango

    Guatemala produces many different types of the world's finest and most distinctive coffees. Of the three non-volcanic regions, Huehuetenango is the highest and driest under cultivation grown at 3500-6000 feet above sea level. This area is one of the best regions in Guatemala for coffee production and is at the foot of the Cuchumatanes, the highest non-volcanic mountain range in Central America. This region has ideal geographic conditions for the cultivation of great quality coffee. Coffees from Huehuetenango are exceptional coffees with distinct acidity and fruited flavors.

  • Honduran Coffee

    Honduran Coffee

    Despite some initial challenges in competing against its highly successful and well established neighbouring countries, Honduras has become increasingly popular amongst consumers and is now recognised, in its own right, as an accomplished producer of high quality coffee.

  • Kenyan Coffee

    Kenyan Coffee

    Kenya is considered one of the most productive regions for growing coffee within Africa. This coffee is from the Lyego farmer’s cooperative, and is funded through the “global coffee village”, a charitable foundation which sets out to develop positive working relationships between farmers and roasters

  • Malawian Makoka

    Malawian Makoka

    Found along the valley of Makoka in Zomba, South of Malawi, Makoka Valley Estate is a family owned business, which specialises in 36 hectares of single origin, drip line irrigated, superior Malawian Arabica coffee! Growing and exporting coffee since 1988, the Estate prides itself on the production of all green grades of coffee from AAA to PB. This is a unique, hand-picked Malawian coffee

  • Peruvian Coffee

    Peruvian Coffee

    Peru has been exporting coffee since the 1800’s, and has succeeded in becoming the 8th largest coffee producer in the world. This particular coffee is grown in the northern region of the country where it has been grown within a naturally shaded environment. This enables the coffee to develop at a slower rate, allowing time for the natural sugars to develop and bring out the sweetness of the coffee.

  • Rwandan Coffee

    Rwandan Coffee

    Rwanda has ideal conditions for growing coffee: volcanic soil, mountainous landscape and plenty of African sun.

    Coffee is believed to have first been introduced to Rwanda by German missionaries back in 1904. From around 1930, interest in coffee production grew significantly as a means of generating revenue for rural families and communities. Coffee production is now at an all-time high with Rwanda having found itself within the speciality coffee market.

  • Dark Roast Coffee

    Dark Roast Coffee

    This coffee has a medium body and light acidity, with a clean and slightly smoky after taste.

  • Decaffeinated Coffee

    Decaffeinated Coffee

    A blend from various farms across Central America, this delightful decaffeinated coffee is a great choice for anyone wanting the flavour of a freshly roasted craft coffee without the caffeine kick!

  • Prepaid Coffee

    Prepaid Coffee

    Our prepaid coffee is designed to make things that much easier when ordering your coffee.

    • 1. Select which coffee(s) you want.
    • 2. The quantity (250g, 500g, 1kg etc.)
    • 3. Then the total number of months.

    All that’s left to do now is for you to confirm your delivery details and pay at the checkout. Don’t worry about delivery - its included! That’s it!

    Your coffee will be sent out to you automatically within the first week of every month until your subscription expires.

    Our Prepaid coffee options are not only a convenient way of purchasing your coffee, they make fantastic gifts too! Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas ……or perhaps just a random gift for someone you know who enjoys fresh coffee, which also makes a difference to the lives of people living in poverty!

    All prepaid options include a 10% discount!!!

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